Enrolling In Skill Development Diver Certification Programs Delivers Benefits

Enrolling In Skill Development Diver Certification Programs Delivers Benefits

Enrolling In Skill Development Diver Certification Programs Delivers Benefits

24 April 2020
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The "Basic Diver" and "Advanced Diver" certification programs are the most well-known. Many divers complete both and then stop going further with certifications. Such a decision is unfortunate because there's a lot to learn from continued education certification. "Speciality diver" certificates come in many categories, and quite a few could improve knowledge, skills, and experience. All those traits could lead to becoming a safer diver, as well. Even experienced divers should look into these specialty programs. The coursework could prove beneficial even to someone who completed scores of dives. 

Focusing on Practical Skills for Improved Diving

All specialty diver programs have benefits. Some, however, are intended for more advanced divers. Ice diving and cavern penetration courses require tremendous skills. Other specialty courses are excellent choices for even relatively newly certified open divers. Here are some top courses to consider:

  1. Buoyancy Diver: Buoyancy refers to the ability to stay submerged and maintain the desired depth level with little effort. Appropriate breathing and relaxed effort factors into improving buoyancy. So does a better understanding of weights and other equipment. Improving buoyancy can make any dive session more enjoyable. 
  2. Enriched Air Diver: Tanks with enriched nitrox air afford divers the ability to spend more time underwater, which proves beneficial in many ways. Besides increasing the amount of time you spend on leisurely dives, you could increase bottom durations when taking private lessons or other courses.  
  3. Night Diver: Night diver might seem like an odd choice. Not everyone has intentions of diving at night. True, but there are unique skills night diving teaches, such as improved awareness. And what if you find yourself in low-than-expected light conditions during the day? Night diving knowledge may prove helpful. 
  4. Equipment Specialist Diver: The value here with the specialty diver program appears self-evident. Breathing underwater safely requires skillful use of diving equipment. The more you know how to operate the equipment properly, the better your diving experience may become.

No mandate says divers must take these in similar courses in a row. Think about weaving in leisurely courses, such as underwater photographer and fish identification, if desired. Doing so may keep the process lively and enjoyable.

Building Blocks of Skill

It is worth pointing out completing performance-related certifications could set the stage for embarking on challenging ones. The wreck penetration diver program requires significant skill. Why not let the other certification programs help build up the necessary talent for challenging programs? Look for a company like Scuba Haven that provides scuba diving certification. 

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