Things You'll Like About A Jon Boat

Things You'll Like About A Jon Boat

Things You'll Like About A Jon Boat

14 June 2022
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One thing that you'll quickly realize when you start to shop for a new fishing boat is that there are all sorts of different boat options to use for this outdoor activity. While some anglers gravitate toward large boats with a multitude of enticing features, others favor boats that are small and simple. A jon boat is a fishing boat that fits into the latter category. Made of aluminum and featuring a flat bottom, this boat can be useful for many types of fishing. If you decide to buy a jon boat, here are some things that you'll like about it.

Highly Portable

Portability is one of the biggest benefits of a jon boat. Its small size and light weight make it easy to travel with. While you'll need a dedicated trailer for many types of fishing boats, a jon boat is often small enough that you can easily carry it in the bed of your pickup truck or on a special pickup truck rack. Two people can carry this type of boat with no trouble, which means that you and a fishing partner can transport the boat from your vehicle to a body of water even if there's no proper boat launch.

Low Maintenance

The simplicity of a jon boat's design means that it doesn't have a lot of enhanced features and moving parts. The result is that this boat doesn't require a lot of effort to maintain. The fancier a fishing boat is, the more parts that you'll need to care for. A jon boat essentially offers a bare-bones design, largely consisting of a hull and some built-in bench seats. There aren't many parts that can break on a jon boat, which means that your maintenance bills may essentially be zero, even years after buying this boat.

Safe In Shallow Areas

Its flat bottom allows a jon boat to operate in areas where the water is very shallow. It's not safe to take a larger boat with a deep, curved hull into such areas, as it's easy to damage the hull or perhaps even get stuck. A lot of anglers know that areas with shallow water can be good for fishing. Many species of fish congregate in these areas, and a jon boat will allow you to get close enough to fish for them without worrying about damage to your boat. If you're interested in buying a jon boat, you can learn more about them from a local fishing boat dealer.

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