Helpful Tips When Purchasing A Powder Trickler For Ammo Reloading

Helpful Tips When Purchasing A Powder Trickler For Ammo Reloading

Helpful Tips When Purchasing A Powder Trickler For Ammo Reloading

27 April 2020
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If you're into guns and work with gun powder a lot, then you'll want to invest in a powder trickler. It's a device that can help you achieve the perfect powder charge for whatever guns that are in your possession. Buying a powder trickler will be easy, too, if you keep this advice in mind. 

Choose a Non-Skid Base

When you're loading powder into the trickler, you want to have confidence that the trickler will not move around. Otherwise, you may get gun powder all over the place and then have a difficult cleanup. You can circumvent this issue by getting a powder trickler with a non-skid base.

Typically, these bases are made of rubber, and they do a great job at keeping the trickler in place. Even if you accidentally bump the trickler with your hand when loading powder into it, the trickler should remain upright and not move an inch. 

Look for Durable Construction

So that this powder trickler lasts for a long time and saves you from having to buy a replacement any time soon, you need to look for a trickler with durable construction. Often times, this is dependent on the material that the trickler is made out of.

One of the best materials is aluminum. This material can hold up for a very long time and not take damage even if you're a little rough with it. Even if you leave an aluminum powder trickler outside exposed to the elements, it will hold up and still perform optimally.

Make Sure Dust Covers Are Included

If you just leave the powder trickler out in the open, dust can accumulate all around it. That's not ideal because the dust can get into your gun powder and have a dramatic impact on its performance.

You won't have to worry about dust so much if you get a powder trickler with dust covers. The covers will shield integral sections of the trickler from dust. This way, you can leave the trickler out and not have to worry about problems later on down the road. 

Powder tricklers are extremely important devices for those who pack their own ammo. There are a lot of trickler options on the market today, but you shouldn't have trouble making the right selection. You just need to become an informed consumer and know what features are important. 

To learn more, contact a supplier that carries powder tricklers.

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