Dunking For Dollars - A Marathon That Will Go On Uninterrupted

Dunking For Dollars - A Marathon That Will Go On Uninterrupted

Dunking For Dollars - A Marathon That Will Go On Uninterrupted

6 May 2020
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A basketball marathon that is geared toward raising money for underprivileged children is a great way to get the community together, both as active participants and spectators. If you have been granted access to a city park for the duration of the event, there is a chance that the contest will run past sundown. Using glow-in-the-dark basketballs will provide each participant with a viable way to keep track of their shots and may assist with improving their scores. 

Choose Balls That Light Up

A sporting goods store sells an array of equipment that glows due to LED lighting technology. You can select from regulation-sized balls or ones that are smaller or larger than what is used during professional matches as well as other types of equipment that are used in different sports. If the basketball game is going to be a standard one, which involves two separate teams, look for a couple of regulation-sized balls that are each a different color. For the first half of the game, use one of the balls and for the other half of the game, use the other.

Another option is to assign one color to each team and when it is their turn to play offense, put their respective ball into play. This will help the audience keep up with which team is in control at any given moment, plus will be demonstrative of team pride.

Each LED ball will be activated upon impact. When a ball is dribbled across the court, a brilliant light will be emitted. The light will continue to stay on while a ball is in play and if a ball goes out of bounds, it won't be difficult to spot it since the light will shine brightly and alert the players as to where the ball landed.

Recruit Your Team Members And Encourage Practice

Prepare advertising that welcomes people to become a part of the basketball marathon event. After interviewing and recruiting people who will make up the two teams, encourage them to practice. If people will be practicing when it is dark outside, instruct them to use the glow-in-the-dark basketballs.

Each basketball will contain a switch, which will activate or deactivate the LED lighting that is encased inside. Demonstrate how the balls work and encourage everyone to practice daily until the day of the marathon arrives. The spectators of the event can sit along the sidelines of the court, either on bleachers or on folding chairs. Look for glow-in-the-dark basketballs that you could use. 

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