5 Tips For Staying Hidden When Hunting For Waterfowl

5 Tips For Staying Hidden When Hunting For Waterfowl

5 Tips For Staying Hidden When Hunting For Waterfowl

15 May 2020
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When you go hunting for waterfowl, such as ducks, you want to stay hidden, so that the waterfowl are not aware of your presence until you fire. When it comes to hunting for waterfowl, there are several tools you can use to stay concealed, depending on how you are hunting.

Tip #1: Cover Up Your Boat

With waterfowl, being out on the water is one of the best ways to ensure you catch something while you are hunting. A boat blind is designed to cover up your boat and allow it to blend in with the natural elements.

There are a few different types of boat blinds you can use. You can use a layout boat blind, which is basically a single person blind like you would use on the land, except you use it within your boat. They are lightweight structures.

You can also use a large boat blind, often called a Jon boat, which can handle multiple people on the boat. Larger boat blind is made from lightweight aluminum and can be bent and shaped to fit your boat.

Tip #2: Use Netting

Your boat blind is not going to provide you with a perfect hiding spot, which is why you need to bring some netting with you. You can place the netting around the sides of your blind to help it blend in with the natural habitat.

Tip #3: Add Some Natural Elements

A boat blind is designed to allow you to blend in with the natural environment. However, the environment on one lake in your area is not necessarily going to be the same as the environment at another lake, which is why you should use the netting that goes over your buck boat blind to attach some natural grass and brush to. Attaching natural brush to the netting, and using the netting to extend the coverage provided by your boat blind, will further help you blend in.

Tip #4: Use the Shadows

You should also try to position your boat, so it is in the shadows. Positioning your boat in the shadows will help your boat blend-in and will make it harder for the waterfowl to spot.

Tip #5: Enter Your Hiding Spot Before Daylight

Do not underestimate the intelligence of the waterfowl you are hunting. Don't expect to walk up to your hiding spot in the middle of the day and expect your hiding spot to work. Waterfowl in the area will see you go to your hunting area, and they will be aware that you are there, even if you stay there for hours.

If you want to avoid being seen, you need to get into your hiding spot before daylight. Waterfowl don't see good in the dark, so your best bet is to get there before the sun rises.

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