Baseball Balance - A Critical Key To Success

Baseball Balance - A Critical Key To Success

Baseball Balance - A Critical Key To Success

30 July 2020
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Each year millions of kids compete in organized youth baseball in the United States. At some point, each of those kids imagines themselves playing in Major League Baseball. Given the large number of players and limited professional positions, the odds of reaching this goal are infinitesimal. Even if each of the 30 Major League teams kept a few hundred players on their respective major and minor league teams there would only be a few thousand professional baseball players at all levels.

Making the ratio of players to professional players even more lopsided is the fact that a significant number of the professional spots are held by players from outside the United States. In comparing these ratios it reveals that a very small percentage of American youth baseball players will play at some level of professional baseball. Given these long-shot odds, it is no wonder that a single mile per hour on a fastball or a fractional increase in bat speed can be the difference between achieving the baseball dream or not. 

While natural talent and practice are critical to success in developing as a baseball player there are some less obvious aspects of a player's ability that must be correct such as mechanics and balance in order to progress. Consistently practicing with these not corrected simply trains the player's body and mind to repeat the incorrect movements, thereby hindering, as opposed to promoting, success. Balance plays a critical role in each aspect of a player's game.

  • Batting — In order to see and hit a ball with consistency and power the batter needs to develop a smooth transfer of momentum from feet to hips to shoulders. A player who leans back out of balance tends to step away from the plate, the dreaded "stepping in the bucket". This results in not only the inability to reach the outside part of the strike zone but also decreases hitting power. Out of balance leaning forward tends to direct momentum and power toward the plate instead of toward the field of play.
  • Pitching — Obviously, the most important aspect of pitching is the ability to throw strikes. In order to do this the first step by the pitcher needs to be pointed directly at the plate.  In the case where a pitcher is leaning forward or backward, this strike foot will be out of line and throwing strikes will be very difficult.

Just like everything else in the game, the equipment to train a player's balance has continued to evolve to the point that is refined and specialized to help individual players gain the edge and achieve their dreams.

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