4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Surfboard Bag

4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Surfboard Bag

4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Surfboard Bag

13 November 2020
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It does not matter if you are an amateur suffer or you have been around the water for a while now – if you do not have your surfboard, you will not be able to spend your day on the waves. Given the importance of your surfboard, it should also not be a surprise that you need to ensure you have the right type of bag to transport your board in. To make sure you protect your board, learn how to select a bag.

1. Durable Handles

Unless your idea of a good time involves picking your surfboard up off the ground, only choose a bag with a durable handle. A good bag will have double-stitched, reinforced, thick material handles that can sustain the weight of the board and your tight grip, time after time. Many bag brands list weight limits for their bags. Review this information and make sure you do not exceed the amount, as overloading the bag can cause even durable handles to fail.

2. Sun Blocking Features

Sure, you will be spending your day out in the sun, so a little heat is not a big deal, right? In the case of a hot surfboard, it is a very big deal. If you have to travel a distance to get to the water and your board is on the roof, and not in a bag with sun-blocking features, by the time you reach your destination, the board will be quite hot. It could even be too hot for comfort. A bag that helps block the sun's rays keeps your board cooler.

3. Proper Sizing

A surfboard bag should fit snugly around the board; not too tight or too loose. A bag that is too big can make transporting the board harder, as it has space to move around in the bag, and it is nightmare trying to get a board in and out of a bag that is too small. Most bags have dimensions listed, as well as specifications for the types of board they are designed for. Make sure you pay attention to this information.

4. Extra Compartments

Your board might be the most important piece of gear, but it is not the only gear you need. To ensure that you can keep everything together, look for a bag with additional compartments. A place to store your fins, wax, or leash is especially helpful and ensures that you keep all of your gear in one secure, easy-to-access place. 

An excellent thing about surfboard bags is the fact that you have plenty of options to choose from. Keep these tips in mind and do not hesitate to speak with a retailer for assistance with making a selection. 

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