Why Buy A Springfield Hellcat Grip?

Why Buy A Springfield Hellcat Grip?

Why Buy A Springfield Hellcat Grip?

28 April 2020
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Springfield Armory produces a 9mm pistol dubbed the Hellcat, a compact firearm scaled down for concealed carry purposes. The Hellcat, despite the smaller size, is designed to accept a 13-shot magazine. Decades ago, the six-shot .38 special and the 5-shot .44 special were standard concealed carry options. Modern concealed carry weapons present attributes the old revolvers lacked. A wooden grip is eye-catching, but recoil and wood can sting the hand. The manufacturer-installed grip on the Hellcat utilizes modern materials and design specs, but owners may wish to customize it. Available gun grips for the Hellcat could tailer the grip for the shooter.

Grabbing a Better Option for a Grip

If the Springfield Hellcat already comes with a standard grip, why buy a new one? Each buyer has his/her requirements for comfort, performance enhancement, and more. Adding a unique grip to a firearm could yield necessary improvements. Those improvements could include:

  • Safer Handling: Anything you hold in your hand could slip out and hit the floor. How many people find themselves inexplicably dropping a can of soda? And soda cans don't recoil from bullets going off. With firearms, better gripping decreases the chances of dropping a gun. Yes, the person holding the gun bears the most responsibility for proper handling, but purchasing a new grip certainly helps the cause. And besides the obvious safety reason for not dropping a gun, you also don't want to damage the firearm.
  • Improved Aim: Many factors contribute to appropriate shot placement. Spending time at the range practicing helps, especially when you are a new shooter and fire a smaller gun discharging a 9mm cartridge and experiencing recoil. An improved grip may contribute to better aim and shot placement. Holding the gun correctly and firmly supports the cause, and so does any accessory that potentially delivers a better grip.
  • Preferred Comfort: A high-capacity magazine translates into taking many shots at the range in a row without a break. The hand has to deal with the repeated recoil. Spending a lot of time firing numerous rounds might be a little tough on the fingers, palms, and wrist. Purchasing a better grip for the handle might deliver the desired comfort level. More comfort could mean more time practicing.

If you want to buy a Springfield Hellcat grip, there are different options to choose from. Look at the style, design, and attributes. This way, you can make a better buying decision, one that fits your needs like the grip matches the gun.  

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